Sunday, 11 November 2012

Near-complete Meanie berserker in fine-liner & black pencil

Cow-skull-headed Meanie performing the ol' face-off/tablecloth trick in fine-liner, white-liner & black pencil...
Geoffrey Hughes investigating May Pang-ridden Dakota Suite....Collage & fineliner with black pencil

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pages from Love&Ammunition 3

Featuring tribute to Glen Fabry's stunning cover to Hellblazer 'Bloodlines' tpk

New image of The Bellowing Angel from Love&Ammunition Book 3, pencilled, inked over with Sharpies, Faber-Castell pens & finished with black pencil

Monday, 10 September 2012

This is the cover portrait for Love&Ammunition Book 3 -The Bellowing Angel (as played by Tom Waits)
And this is the original cover for Book 2 (before Velma got her head-gun!)
First attempt at double-page spread -pencils only stage -bit light yet but stick around...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Finished page & highlights of "Faul" Paul & his Meanies from Love&Ammunition Book 3

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A few Love&Ammunition images I'm rather pleased with....
First off, Lennon in full Colonel Kurtz mode from the Hunter S. Thompson/Heart of Darkness segment from Book 1.
John & Yoko/Lennono back cover to Love&Ammunition Book 1
Close-up of ball-gagged Blue Meanie from Love&Ammunition Book 1
The assassination of Yoko from Love&Ammunition Book 2
Love&Ammunition Book 2 : 'I, Me, Mine' or 'The Ballad of Velma-Anne Louise', wherein we discover the horrific details of the pint-sized assassins creation, her links to the underground anarchist group the 'Number Nines' & just how oddly & horribly her life pans out following the shooting of Yoko Ono.  (For the keen eyed amongst you, yes, the cover is indeed inspired by the Locke & Key 'Head Games' cover by the fantastic Gabriel Rodriguez)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

And bang up to date....

This is a page from Love&Ammunition Book 3, various stages, in progress....

This is how it begins...

This is Love&Ammunition, previewed....
This is Love&Ammunition. This is lies. This is what happens when you chase a myth, a rumour, an idea. This is a tale of Lennono, his life after Paul, after Yoko, the monsters that haunt him & hunt him -This is how & why he died.  This is Love&Ammunition.
It's been a big year for Love&Ammunition, with successful shows at Exeter Comic expo, London Super Comic Con & Bristol International Comic expo & a terrific review in esteemed publication Comic Heroes magazine. Still to come in 2012 -Exeter Comic expo 2 in September & Plymouth Comic expo in December. Here's hoping 2013 will prove bigger & better yet...

This is Love&Ammunition

This is Love&Ammunition. This is where you'll find news, views, progress reports & all the latest images for Love&Ammunition mini-series comic, books 1 & 2 of which are already available to purchase from Krackers comic store & at comic expos across the country. Here also you'll find preview pages from Love&Ammunition Book 3, which with luck will debut at the inaugural Plymouth Comic Expo in December 2012.